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Best Color Grading Services Orlando, Florida

Professional post-production color grading services for film, television, commercials, streaming, documentaries, and music videos.


Each shot goes through a process of color correction, balancing, shot matching, and advanced corrections. Corrections or on a shot-by-shot basis and can include multiple corrections within each shot (power windows, qualifiers, tracking, etc.) as well as any technical issues with your footage (aliasing, interlacing, wrong settings on camera, artifacting, excessive noise, etc).

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Look creation is the icing on the cake, giving your project its style and color identity. Whether you’re going for the “film look,” the Orange and Teal blockbuster look, or a bright and clean commercial look, I work closely with clients to create a unique look to help emphasize branding, mood, and storytelling. A great “look” is never the result of just slapping on a LUT.

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The technical aspect of color grading is just important as the creative aspect of grading. Starting with the correct foundation will result in the best outcomes, save time, get the most out of an image, and make the back and forth trip ( roundtrip ) from editor to color grading software a smooth process. Sessions begin with applying appropriate color science and project settings. Whether your project requires working in ACES and other managed or nonmanaged workflows, projects are set up in a way that allows for easy updates and new deliverables.


Suite meets Netflix requirements and is equipped with a 48-inch calibrated OLED monitor and DaVinci Resolve color grading software.

* 4K, UHD & HDR Dolby Vision Ready

* NETFLIX Home Theatrical Spec Ready


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